About Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound Home Inspection, LLC is locally owned and operated.. It is not a franchise organization like many home inspection companies in the areas. Our mission is to assist home buyers and sellers in their real estate transactions. We provide services to make their processes a little less stressful, more informative, and hopefully more enjoyable. Having a home inspection, helps identify potential issues with a property that can weigh into decisions regarding buying or selling a property or as part of a sales negotiation. 

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The Process

Anyone can contact us to set up a home inspection. You may be thinking of putting your home on the market, be thinking of putting an offer in on a property, or already have put an offer in on a property. You may be a realtor who wants to contact us on behalf of your client. We are happy to set up a home inspection with anyone who is in need of our services. After contacting us we will discuss our services, come to an agreement as to what you would like and sign a fee contract. At that time, we will schedule those services to be performed, and after completion you and/your realtor will receive a report of the inspection findings in a timely manner. 

Appliance Service

Points out Potential Issues 

We will perform a visual inspection of many areas of the home and alert you to visible issues we see. 


Improves Buyer's Confidence

If you are more informed and have more knowledge regarding the property, you will be more confident in your purchase. 

Gives Buyers' Negotiating Power

Things pointed out in the inspection often times cause prices to be negotiated to cover needed repairs. 

Signing a Contract

Provides Peace of Mind Especially for 1st Time Buyers

1st time home buyers need extra assistance and guidance as to what to look for that an inspection can provide. 

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