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Safe & Sound is InterNACHI certified and fully insured

Not all home inspectors in the area are certified and insured. Some have let their certifications lapse. We ARE certified with the InterNACHI organization, the premiere home inspection organization. It is the most recognized certification organization for home inspection in the county. We not only hold a home inspection certification, but we have an extensive construction background and an eye for quality workmanship.

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Not all home inspectors are certified, let alone certified with the most recognized and revered organization. Our company is!

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With both knowledge in home inspections and general home construction, we have an extensive background in structures.

Prompt Service

and Professionalism

We provide prompt communication and quick turnaround times with our reports.


We are fully insured, upon request we will provide proof of liability insurance. 

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Why People Feel Inspections Are Necessary

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Our home inspection provided us peace of mind by knowing they are looking at the house on our behalf for potential issues that we could not recognize. The findings of the inspection were not serious, yet gave us talking points with the seller to come down in price so we could have the work done after we moved in. The main finding of radon also was presented to the seller and as a result a radon system was installed and paid in full by the seller.  

The Morgan Family

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I was a recent widow, it helped me look over the house I wanted to buy and pointed out some things I may not have noticed that my late husband might have, but I was buying a house alone this time. I was glad I had the inspection and I did end up buying the house!

Mrs. Smith

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I felt it was beneficial as it pointed out areas of concern for the future as well as immediate fixes that needed to happen, whether large or small. I was able to negotiate some to be fixed prior to me closing which eased the transition to being a new homeowner. When I purchase a new home again, I will most certainly have a home inspection completed. 

Ronald K

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